Darren Swanepoel
Darren Swanepoel 16 soat oldin
Does anyone really enjoy coming here to listen to grown men with verbal diarrhoea TALK about golf?
clifford yawn
clifford yawn 16 soat oldin
What a QB!😗😗😗
tony page
tony page 17 soat oldin
Where do they get these commentators from
kermit every day bruhh
kermit every day bruhh 18 soat oldin
I think it’s najee hariss
wardevil91 18 soat oldin
BC making it look easy
Adrien Yb
Adrien Yb 18 soat oldin
Ok I guess
Thumper 18 soat oldin
ESPN, CNN, NBA, and MLB - You think at least one individual working there would have a reading skill above the second grade. GA's laws on voting are not preventing ANYONE from voting. NY and Colorado (where they moved MLB All-star game) are MUCH MORE restrictive. Woke zombie idiots ignore that as it doesn't help their moronic rants. If you are a legal citizen, you can vote. If you vote absentee, you can vote - you just need to prove you are a citizen. GEEZUZ. You have to prove you are an employee to get into most workplaces, If you work for MLB you need proof of it to enter their building. Why should you not have proof you are legally allowed to vote before voting? How does this favor any one race before another? It doesn't. C'mon ESPN, act like you have a working brain cell amongst you all. I used to like the show until they tr=y to force their idiotic political beliefs down our throats.
Kyle DL
Kyle DL 19 soat oldin
Enen Kanter plays legit minutes as a backup big for a good team. Jokic is arguably the leading candidate for MVP. Unathletic bigs still have a place in the NBA as long as they’re exceptional on offense and can rebound.
Matt Armstrong
Matt Armstrong 19 soat oldin
Where the hell are the highlight!?
Jose Colindres
Jose Colindres 19 soat oldin
Stop with that stupid “Forced to stick with Tua “ narrative!
Vikes167 19 soat oldin
Cleveland did fine at guard, but Vikings need a guard more than a tackle. Cleveland doesn’t play strong enough to play guard long term. You’re limiting his potential at guard. That said they are one of the spots nearby guaranteed to be a trade down spot. Probably won’t be Darrisaw. Especially given Chargers need at tackle. As a whole this top half of the draft so far is.......sporadic and plainly strange with little thought of team needs and boards
Ikaika Maleko
Ikaika Maleko 19 soat oldin
Too much yapping, just show the damn golf.
Steven K Gold
Steven K Gold 19 soat oldin
IS NOTHING FREE FROM ADVERTISING? I watched the highlights of round 1 of the Masters Golf Championship at Augusta, GA. today. MasterCard on the collar, Under Amour across the cap, Morgan Stanley on the cap, I thought I must be watching NASCAR, not golf. These guys have turned into walking billboards. Have they no shame, is nothing sacred anymore? Can you imagine Arnold Palmer wearing ads? Next I will see Jordan Spieth and Justin Rose with Hooters patches on their breast pockets!
Christian Garner
Christian Garner 19 soat oldin
they don’t /need/ tackle though just IOL potentially
Jeff Davis
Jeff Davis 20 soat oldin
Brady and Pete are both dying on their respective hills. Truth is, the Browns do need a DE, but Takk does help.
Mellow NES Superstar
Mellow NES Superstar 20 soat oldin
LFG Bucs!! I am SOOOOO excited for this season. What a team! And with a full off season?!? Amazing job keeping everyone!
Ryan Gelder
Ryan Gelder 20 soat oldin
My man Ryan Wilson looks like he’s wearing a lab coat
Les Flynn
Les Flynn 20 soat oldin
I didn't want to watch you guys talk , I wanted to watch players !
Sean Cartaya
Sean Cartaya 21 soat oldin
Mac Jones is NOT going number 3. What the fuck are all the supposed "draft experts" smoking that has them predicting this insanity now? Not happening.
Doug Harlow
Doug Harlow 21 soat oldin
Less talk, more highlights, no one wants to hear all this bullshit.
Corey Hargrove
Corey Hargrove 21 soat oldin
What the fuck happened at the end of this broadcast
Judiat3 Donald
Judiat3 Donald 21 soat oldin
One city we an better overall sportz city isss LA. If da Chargerz relocate outta LA they'll end up in either SA or da Louuu or if Chicago wantz an second team they'll end up there or maybe back in SD!!!
Josh W
Josh W 21 soat oldin
Chase won't fall past 5.
Syndicate_III 21 soat oldin
I agree with Pete as far as Eagles not needing OLine, especially at 12. 4 guys are coming back from injury and we just took dillard in the 1st two years ago. No chance that pick is OLine.
-Lxzy Daisy-
-Lxzy Daisy- 22 soat oldin
I remember sitting in my bed reading a book and then my dad came in and told me the news...
Animosity716 23 soat oldin
I’m just curious how Justin Fields not a top 2 QB? Watson fell to and people still haven’t learned anything lol
hi bye
hi bye 23 soat oldin
thank god ik CBS has terrible draft coverage i dont want that guy good thing they have him getting selected
Javier Fernández López
Javier Fernández López 23 soat oldin
Pete is the master mind
Niraj patel
Niraj patel 23 soat oldin
Hold on a second, have they forgotten chiefs signing Jarren reed and Austin Blythe??? jarren reed a very smart addition and they needed a centre and blythe a top 10 centre
Pat d
Pat d 23 soat oldin
Mind-bobbling how wealthy Democrats- Black & White talk about the greater good of Atlanta's Boycott & the loss of $100 Million. Somehow, they don't have a problem MLB moved from Atlanta 50% Black to Denver 10% Black. Yet, Colorado, New York (MLB headqtr), & Delaware (Biden's state) have more restrictive voting laws than GA. Smh . . .
James Day
James Day Kun oldin
Browns are thin at corner. DE and CB are needs.
Eric Pliske0825
Eric Pliske0825 Kun oldin
Yeah I get the relax the browns should take the best player available its a good roster. But to not even put one edge rusher on your board when we have nine picks is also not acceptable quit arguing like children and get through the segment. Browns take best player available in first round period. But picks 2-4 take a pass rusher and a cb we are fine but come on its still an area to gain depth.
Derek Simmons
Derek Simmons Kun oldin
Brady Quinn’s like, where was this supporting cast when I was a Cleveland Brown.
ryan d
ryan d Kun oldin
Death, taxes, and auburn having the toughest schedule.
Vince Duarte
Vince Duarte Kun oldin
I agree Jaelan Phillips or Greg Rousseau at 18 would be nice
Vince Duarte
Vince Duarte Kun oldin
WR isn’t really a need for this team it’s a luxury. My preference is Pitts/Sewell at #6... but depth with Chase/Smith/Waddle is not bad at all
Pierre Baril
Pierre Baril Kun oldin
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Pierre Baril
Pierre Baril Kun oldin
Micheal of Bitcoinsamurai and his team continue to provide me the tools necessary to ensure my success as a relatively new business owner. It’s not easy being a new company with limited access to funding options, but Micheal and his team continue to provide reasonable options that meet my needs and will ensure our continued success. Once again, thank you Micheal
David Osterberg
David Osterberg Kun oldin
Daily Wire poll: 67% say the M.L.B was dictated by 'politics and publicity'.
Retro 11s
Retro 11s Kun oldin
Get Steve Kerr down to Tucson that would be amazing...
mike mars
mike mars Kun oldin
yeah not going to happen for Miami. Do you know anything about The Miami Dolphins?
Marley ColdBurr
Marley ColdBurr Kun oldin
As a eagles fan I would not mind slater there because I do believe we can trade back 🆙 in the first to get a corner like his college teammate newsome or farley if he falls. I would not draft slater if Smith is still available though, would I draft him ahead of waddle yes.
LabGorilla Kun oldin
Rose came in with no expectations. I dont think he has it to keep the lead. I’d love to see him win, but I can’t see how he does it.
KH T Kun oldin
Two runner ups perviously at the Masters. Maybe he will do it this time. Go Justin.
Ann Sowers
Ann Sowers Kun oldin
Drew will tell you that he went to Miami to honor his commitment for accepting a meeting. He knew before he left New Orleans that God really wanted him with the Saints. The Miami meeting was more of Saban telling him why they wouldn't pay him the same as a non injured QB, even though the Doctors in Birmingham confirmed he would recover. Drew thanked them for their time and called his Agent as soon as he got in the car. Thank God for that! The rest is history. LSU and Saints for life.
murringo9 Kun oldin
Go Justin. And to the kids watching this, ignore the betting details at the bottom of the screen and don't start to gamble! You cannot and will not win in the long term...
Maiden fan
Maiden fan Kun oldin
Brady 10 Super Bowls 7wins 3 losses i think he wants a ring on all ten fingers and thumbs
James Lovering
James Lovering Kun oldin
WTF this is two guys talking, not golf.
stewartfrye Kun oldin
Typical ESPN broadcating all talk no show,,, this is crap just like ESPN
Rashad Howard
Rashad Howard Kun oldin
Bro if Mac Jones go pea 3rd he better be superstar. Especially with Justin fields and Trey lance there
CHEWIE Kun oldin
Kobe should've been a TAR HEEL Can u imagine!!!!!!!!#24.2
CHEWIE Kun oldin
So much HUMILITY COACH ROY!!!!!!!!#24.2
Ramon Alejandro
Ramon Alejandro Kun oldin
Feels like there’s going to be a lot of twist and turns left
James Mcgraw
James Mcgraw Kun oldin
Don't think the assistant coach that has been by coach Drews side , for years, didn't have a role in this tremendous culmination of a struggle from a catastrophe with his predecessor. Drew had enough insight to tap a young man as his assistant, that didn't even have a degree. Drew took flack for that.
mgrouel Kun oldin
These 2021 NFL QBs in the draft will have their work cut out, and I feel sorry for these young guys. Since Tom Brady’s SB LV outcome and the recent QB movements, the win now attitude of the teams, will hamper the development of these rookie QBs, they’ll be treated as a sink or swim products, and if they won’t perform in 2 years, you’ll be drop just like what happened to Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. So better perform really great and expect to bring your team to the play-offs and nothing less. The pressure is on, so good luck to the QB prospects.
Ethan White
Ethan White Kun oldin
Came here to watch highlights.. not to listen to some bloak blabbe about drivers behaving the way they should lol
hovertrout1 Kun oldin
No one ever says Justin Herbert needs to be surrounded with talent like Training Wheels Tua
Christian Garner
Christian Garner 19 soat oldin
Because Justin Herbert had WAY better weapons than tua when he got in Most of his weapons were injured
Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter 22 soat oldin
That's because he already has weapons.
Vince Duarte
Vince Duarte Kun oldin
^OP is getting exposed I’ll digress
mike mars
mike mars Kun oldin
It's a career not 9 games. He beat Belicheat and remind me how Herbert did against Bill again.
Woo Back
Woo Back Kun oldin
@hovertrout1 Herbert has better weapons already Tua was throwning to the practice squad for most of the season so what is your point??
Adrian Oliver
Adrian Oliver Kun oldin
need two more good wide receiver
Gassy Astronomer
Gassy Astronomer Kun oldin
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H.R. Fdez
H.R. Fdez Kun oldin
Justin Rose is such a class act.
H.R. Fdez
H.R. Fdez 17 soat oldin
@Venice Beach Sports Network He's definitely not flashy, but he's very nice with the fans.
Venice Beach Sports Network
Venice Beach Sports Network 19 soat oldin
hes kinda boring
k block
k block Kun oldin
If Rose keeps to 1 Bogey or less per Round, it's a done Deal 🇬🇧
Karen Bartlett, QAnon Princess
Karen Bartlett, QAnon Princess Kun oldin
As a side note Danny Kannell's father was the Dolphins main physician for more than 25 years
Kevin Clements
Kevin Clements Kun oldin
Doc Brown
Doc Brown Kun oldin
*2O21 Masters Winner⛳: Webb Simpson !*
Doc Brown
Doc Brown Kun oldin
*2O21 Masters Winner⛳: Webb Simpson !*
Gideon Welp
Gideon Welp Kun oldin
why does no one understand that the dolphins need devonta smith?
Martin Rademakers
Martin Rademakers Kun oldin
The analysis here is superficial, and they only look at stats.
natural beast
natural beast Kun oldin
So justin thomas calls his ball a fag and appilagizes and looses sponsorship and everyone attacks him for it...but its ok for him to use the Lords name in vain?
Todd Kun oldin
Good luck. A morally bankrupt coach for a morally bankrupt university. A real match!
wearebc Kun oldin
hey, maybe show some highlights?
Paul C
Paul C Kun oldin
Joe Douglas "doesn't care" if this decision ends up costing him his job(It will). I don't expect anyone under 40 to understand this but this is just the most recent in a string of horrible decisions, made by the Jsts in every area since Super Bowl 3. Not just mistakes, every team makes mistakes. The Jets, with many different GMs over the years, continue to make similar hotrendous mistakes and I'm done with them. I could go on and on with high draft picks the Jets have thrown away and gotten nothing(Jonny Lam Jones at #2 in draft played 2 years not very effectively, Blair Thomas second pick of 1990 draft and was horrible but, the worst mistake they made of all definitely cost at least a Suprbowl appearance and maybey one or more Super Bowl titles. 1983, Jets need a QB, the obvious choice is Dan Marino who, Don Shula later said he would have taken number 1 if he had the number 1 pick, was still not drafted somehow. What did the Jets do, the most unforgivable, blatant and most costly mistake of more errors than I can list. They found a guy named Ken Obrien from a division 2 school who no one knew in any way and picked him instead of Marino. Two picks later Marino went to Miami and he tortured the Jets for about 2 decades. If the Jets would have not over thought things, as they always do, and not made that stupid pick they would have been able to put Marino at QB with Freeman McNiel in the backfeild(far better than any running back Marino ever played with). Look how Elway suddenly started winning Superbowls, when he finally got an elite RB. Marino never had one. The Jets WRs were also better. Marion's throwing ability turned Clayton and Duper into stars. Wesley Waker and AL Toon were stars without him. I can only imagine what that offense could have done with Marino at QB. The Jets, also had a much better defense than Miami at the time. They would have at the least been in one SB but possibly could have won a couple. Here they are just doing the same thing all over again. They just gave away a QB with, at least as much talent as anyone in this draft not named Lawrence. If you have not really followed the Jets and not watched their games its very easy to blame everything on Darnold. NONE of the Jets ineptitude was Darnolds fault and watch when he plays for that excellent coaching staff in Carolina, with some real NFL players in Carolina. Why would Carolina give up anything at all for Darnold if he is as horrible as the mrdia(who says things to get rating not because they truly believe them) and fans of NFL, who just parrot back what they hear in the media. Carolina traded for Darnold because they see what I have seen. A tremendously talented, mobile QB who was given no chance at all to succeed with the Jets. Come on the last two years his best recievers were Robby Anderson and Chrowder(only couple with Mims) who are not even #2 recievers. He was the most pressured and most sacked QB, per drop back, in the NFL all of his 3 years. How did Maomes do with no time to tnrow against Tampa. Nothing at all and that Super Bowl is what Datnild dealt with for 3 years. Mahomes is great, he is the best QB in NFL RIGHT NOW(STOP WITH THE GOAT BS. HE IS GREAT BUT HE HAS ONE SB AND BARELY GOT THAT ONE. Was more handed that game by San Fran more than Chiefs won it. Mahomes is a hall of fame quarterback but the things Brady has done we will never see again. In addition Mahomrs style of play is not ideal to playing into his 40's) so, Darnold was simply a casualty of the Jets ineptitude. Sam is a really good guy, no, I never met him but the bashing he's taken, from those who disregard the fact he was given college level talent in order to compete in the NFL. Practice squad guys mostly. Sam has never said a thing, he even still defends Gase somehow. He is 23 and no one has a clue what his full potential is. Not only did he have sub par teamates Adam Gase for two years, really, same guy that made Tannyhill look like the bust that he never was. Same guy who coouldnt, ever make the playoffs coaching the Dolphins, in the same division! When they made that hire I just shook my head thinking here we go again. Well, here we go AGAIN. Darnold will go to Carolina and be a very good if not top 10-15 QB while Zach Wilson. If that's their choice. I thought the best move was keeping Sam, seeing what he can do with real NFL talent before giving up on a 23 year old. If not Sam I would prefer Field's, even Lance who I've never seen play once. I watched every BYU game from last year I could find on UZpost. Wilson is going to be a Ryan Leaf type bust. This QB talk this year about mirrors all the talk in 98. Some saying Leaf was better than Manning all of a sudden, when no one had mentioned him at all 4 months before. The Colts, from what I have read, were actually agonizing over the desicison and it was all bullshit hype. Leaf was horriblle on the field, worse in the locker room. If they do take Wilson I am pretty sure they are going to get Ryan Leaf in Jonny Mazeil's body. But, it's the Jets, it's normal procedure.
_CRUSH _ Kun oldin
Extend Adams & Rodgers. Release Lowry. Move Patrick to Center. Sign DL J. Casey. Draft a CB, WR, OL & DL. See who become available after cuts to trim rosters to 53, and address whatever need that’s still remaining.
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez Kun oldin
Stop dragging Miller for being a "crook" when what was going on in college basketball was common practice from East to West. On top of that Miller had some great years at the U of A and I'm extremely happy as a Wildcat to see the guys he brought in and watch them have some very successful years. His coaching style didn't fit the championship bill, but he put Arizona back on the map as a go to destination for the top guys after the OIson era. Hope Miller finds success wherever he goes!
jelly baby
jelly baby Kun oldin
Blah Blah Blah SHOW GOLF
Keough Melara
Keough Melara Kun oldin
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Brian Lin
Brian Lin Kun oldin
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Brian Lin
Brian Lin Kun oldin
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idah zhafran
idah zhafran Kun oldin
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John Paul Rodriguez
John Paul Rodriguez Kun oldin
Rogers Stone
Rogers Stone Kun oldin
BS talking , we don’t need you
Thomas Liam
Thomas Liam Kun oldin
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